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Our vision is to promote Canadian Hindu Unity and mutual respect with our main objectives in Canada. To provide leadership to our members, supporters, allies, and friends.


United Hindus of Canada members must respect and care for each other unconditionally, immaterial of ones  caste, color, profession, wealth, or assets.  Our Supreme Creator created us equal and all must be treated equally. This is a basic and familiar teaching of moralists, ethicists, and the world’s mainstream religions, in order to enjoy community and personal peace of mind and uphold peace with justice at national and global level.

Hindus of Canada came from different geographical areas, speak many different languages and being exposed to many different cultural and traditional customs. We are Canadian Hindus and nothing else. Hindus have migrated too many countries where we have prospered in all areas and made great contributions to those countries we chose to settle in Canada and have the privilege to create the environment and institutions where we can maintain our modern progressive Canadian way of  life.

To discriminate among ourselves on the basis of caste or region you came from, is evil and uncivilized human behavior which should be instinctively exposed and publicly rejected and condemn, as they usually spearhead negative campaigns against their own Hindu communities.

Caste conflict among Hindus was provoked by invaders in India, attempting to divide and conquer Hindus. Greed minded Hindus copied this evil system and today they have not eliminated caste discrimination within over the few decades. Some of this India born and educated Hindus brought with them this old baggage of evil caste and dowry practice when immigrating to western country’s and continue to create or join caste divide groups and region divide groups in Canada. The leaders of this caste groups do not want to relinquish the power and control of this caste groups, and in some case individuals are systemically intimidated and abused  to remain in this group. Individual’s may fear to leave the caste group regional group as other high or low caste groups will not welcome them, and their children for marriage would be a concern.

Our community is growing fast and we continue to make major inroads in the areas of business, education, arts, finance and technology etc  and are faced with the realization that we cannot continue to exist as pocket caste divided  people in Canada . We have reached a stage where we need to be  strong and united Community on all fronts. No group in Canada needs leadership more then Hindus. Hindus are by far the most systematically victimized community.

It is the responsibility of all good and caring Canadian Hindus from North, South, East, West, to step forward and join hands with UHCC in our community welfare to eliminate this evil caste and regional system unconditionally with one message that in Canada we are members of a progressive modern Canadian United Hindu community. As such we cannot continue to act in isolation to address issues that can only be resolved together as a strong united community working together under one leadership

 Unity, Friendship, Love, Care, Relationship never dies a natural death. They are murdered by Hate, Ego, Greed, Self  Interest, bad Attitude, Caste and Regional divide.

Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the old ways of the  past, are certain to miss the modern future. The wise and good people who care will act at once, what the fool does turn a blind eye and wither.

                Vinod Sharma

             Director/ President


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